What is the Rapid Response Team?

What is the Rapid Response Team?

The Rapid Response Team (RRT) is a service designed by the Sheet Metal Workers Local 25. It is a free legal and investigative service offered to our members. This program is dedicated to protecting the rights of union members and their families after suffering from serious work-related injuries or mesothelioma.

The Sheet Metal Workers Local 25 understands that being grievously injured in an accident, or being diagnosed with mesothelioma, is a financial life changer for union workers and their families. Besides the basic costs of emergency medical care, surgery, and rehabilitation, there is also the possibility of suffering from a loss of income and benefits.

“The Rapid Response Team (RRT) will provide additional resources for our members and their families in the vent of unfortunate work-related injuries.”

Joseph Demark Jr.
President & Business Manager
SMW Local 25

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